What I have written within are my firsthand experiences, boots on the ground, stab wounds and all. I was not one of the staff separated from the inmates by armed guards, metal bars, and bulletproof glass. I did my time with them, where they lived, where they slept and worked. I swam with the sharks in the open ocean while many others viewed them through their aquarium of bulletproof glass and metal bars. I was the one called upon as an emergency response team leader when they rioted, in order to take back control of the prison. What I write about within this book is not second-hand or events taken from other officers and staff. These are my experiences. I was there, I did it, I saw it. These are my wounds, my scars, my blood, and my many years of bad dreams. The Correctional Service of Canada fears a sensational incident. This is an event within a prison such as a riot, murder, escape, or hostage taking, anything that can bring serious outside scrutiny from members of parliament, the news media, law enforcement, lawsuits, or a coroner’s inquest, anything that shines a light upon what happens behind those walls and fences that the CSC, in my day with them, did all they could, sometimes illegally, to keep firmly contained within the walls and away from public scrutiny. This book is a sensational incident.