Month: November 2021

2005 abandoned baby case in Toronto changed retired detective’s life forever Victoria Gibson By Victoria GibsonStaff Reporter Sat., Jan. 27, 2018timer5 min. read

This is an article from the Toronto Star published in 2018. It covers an investigation that I was in charge of about an abandon newborn baby.

The Wheels

The “traveling bar” as it was known was a widely used cell locking mechanism installed in many Canadian Prisons. “The Wheels” were threaded onto two side by side bars that ran the length of the cellblock. These bars had misaligned holes in them that would match up when the wheel was spun allowing a vertical..

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Officer Safety

Officer Safety was never a CSC priority in my time with them. Here you can see the severe cuts to my hands inflicted upon me during the riot in 1997. The CSC removed the gloves from the IERT Members and did not replace them until after injuries such as this occurred and after a formal..

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Flame Thrower

Here is another picture of the flame thrower that was built inside one of the prison shops at Collins Bay Institution. Note the spark plug fastened into the body of the tube.  Not many “pressure washers” have a spark plug or a regulator knob for a propane BBQ tank.