This first one is the arm from a file cabinet honed down razor sharp on both sides and equipped with a woven cotton ice skate lace for the grip.

The second was cut from a sheet of steel, honed on each side and duct tape applied to the grip.

Number three is one component of the “Camp Sets” that were issued to each inmate as a replacement for the rigid steel knives that were free for the taking yet were doing the bulk of the killing on the Inside. The intent was to drive the two tines through the ear and into the brain.  Much like the method of killing with an ice pick.

Number four used to be a ruler used in drafting. This was a solid length of plastic that was three sided with a built in blood letting channel on each side. It could be easily sharpened just by rubbing it on concrete. One of the desirable features of a plastic shank was that it would beat the metal detectors so you could carry it with you anywhere. Note the white cotton towel on the grip and the piece of bed sheet to wrap around your wrist so the shank would not slip from you hand when wet with blood.

The final one is a very solid, heavy steel shank sharpened on both sides to create a large permanent wound cavity. Often these shives and shanks were coated with fecal matter to infect the open wound. The attacker would twist the blade inside the body to cause more damage. The idea was to kill the intended victim so being subtle about it was never an issue on the Inside, the more damage inflicted on the victim the better.