After watching the DND/CAF sexual misconduct apology today I found myself listening to examples of the exact same kind of abuse and profound neglect that I and many others experienced at the hands of the CSC. After all it was the same male dominated culture, power dynamic and the same sexualized and violent working environment as DND. Many CSC employees were former DND themselves. Identical examples of neglect and systemic indifference were demonstrated by those who had a duty and responsibility to remedy it and yet did not. CSC was a mirror image to DND in all respects and in all examples recited in the apology.

Yet DND/CAF has taken the lead in establishing their Sexual Misconduct Response Center, Stake Holder Groups, Victim Impact Groups, Restorative Engagement Program, Independent Comprehensive Review, Annual Reports and many other restorative programs. Her Honour Justice Louise Arbour is involved in the process and she herself has much history investigating wrong doings within the CSC.

I would like to know what the Correctional Service of Canada has done in the way of truth and reconciliation with respect to their former staff members who suffered just as much as DND people.