People are outraged at the number of police and civilian killings by cowardly criminals who ambush and kill with firearms that they are not permitted to have in their possession while on bail for previous offences and or convictions.
Why does this happen? How can this happen? Why are these murders escalating? Why can no one do something about it?
Everyone in Canada knows the answer to these questions.
Everyone in Canada know who is directly responsible for these murders through their woke policies and prison reform perspectives that have not been effective in reducing the violence in our communities.
Pull quote from West Yard commenting upon the current state of the justice system.
“In the streets today, there are not enough police to serve and protect our society and the police themselves are not permitted to do their jobs because of the profound lack of courage and common sense demonstrated by politicians more concerned about their critics and the security of their own positions of power than in the protection of the people they are elected to serve.
Under the current microscope of the uninformed and inexperienced anything bad that happens to a criminal is either the fault of the police, social services, or the prison system. The onus of responsibility has been almost completely removed from the accused and the convicted in favor of unlimited excuses for the crimes they commit.
You cannot induce a criminal not to commit crime by absolving them of the crimes committed by them. Yet this appears to be the truly absurd recent past and current trend in our system of Justice.
My career path has enabled me to observe this system through the eyes of incarcerator, law enforcer, and victim. It’s a unique combination of frontline experience that gave me a broad perspective of Canada’s permissive laws, our unaccountable prison and bail system, and the truly dismissive treatment of victims.
Taken together, these are a strong indication that our current system – on the Inside and the Outside – is strained and broken.”