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One Block “The Ghetto”

This is One Block “A” Range just before its demolition. You can see on the right hand side of the photo historic damage from the riot in 1997 where the inmates used the locking bars off of their cells to destroy the cell block walls.

DND/CAF Apology

After watching the DND/CAF sexual misconduct apology today I found myself listening to examples of the exact same kind of abuse and profound neglect that I and many others experienced at the hands of the CSC. After all it was the same male dominated culture, power dynamic and the same sexualized and violent working environment..

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Book Reviews

Our employment history with the CSC was very often a breeding ground for PTSD and this was never recognized as an occupational injury by the employer in my time. Even to this day staff members have to fight a lengthy up hill battle to claim PTSD job related injuries. I believe that West Yard should..

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Additional Prison Weapons

These are the knives that were free for the taking in the dining hall in the 80s & 90s. They were carried by the inmates throughout the prison or hidden in areas where they could be deployed immediately as needed.       The handle from bucket of cleaning fluid is straightened out and the..

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Prison Made Weapons

This first one is the arm from a file cabinet honed down razor sharp on both sides and equipped with a woven cotton ice skate lace for the grip. The second was cut from a sheet of steel, honed on each side and duct tape applied to the grip. Number three is one component of..

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2005 abandoned baby case in Toronto changed retired detective’s life forever Victoria Gibson By Victoria GibsonStaff Reporter Sat., Jan. 27, 2018timer5 min. read

This is an article from the Toronto Star published in 2018. It covers an investigation that I was in charge of about an abandon newborn baby.

The Wheels

The “traveling bar” as it was known was a widely used cell locking mechanism installed in many Canadian Prisons. “The Wheels” were threaded onto two side by side bars that ran the length of the cellblock. These bars had misaligned holes in them that would match up when the wheel was spun allowing a vertical..

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Officer Safety

Officer Safety was never a CSC priority in my time with them. Here you can see the severe cuts to my hands inflicted upon me during the riot in 1997. The CSC removed the gloves from the IERT Members and did not replace them until after injuries such as this occurred and after a formal..

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